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How to choose, define and project my Data Center?

There are several risk factors that must be taken into consideration, in order to be able to guarantee the desired high-security standards/reliability/continuous operation/cost/exploitation. Factors connected with geography, region, construction and economy (i.e. earthquake zones, groundwater level, energy supply, climatic aspects, fibber-optic lines, accesses, building construction problems, labour quality, etc) may exert a direct influence on the working capacity of a Data Center.

The definition of requirements for your IT and Telecommunications business, the preparation and design of the infrastructures, both technological and physical, are fundamental steps for the success of your project. Besides the order, the construction and updating of the Data Center, the planning process still includes all the support for:

  - Choice of site and area

  - Project configuration

  - Borders of action 

  - Hiring procedures

  - Costs

  - Schedule

In order to consolidate these requirements, Sensys guarantees standard procedures, starting with the choice and evaluation of the site, optimized solutions for the physical infrastructures of the Data Center (NPC), abiding to the international classification TIER 1 and TIER 4, thus avoiding any delays and excessive costs.