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Case Study - TV Record

One of the greatest challenges put nowadays to Data Center operational managers is the energetic efficiency of their infrastructures.

To reach that purpose we need to use continuous monitoring systems and processes and to optimize and control our operational procedures, in order to be able to face the energetic efficiency challenge.

TV Record’s Media Studios and Connected Services, located at Prior Velho, have been equipped with several Sensys vanguard energy systems, namely those related to control and supervision. The implementation of these technological equipments allowed TV Record to optimize electrical energy consumption, as well as the volume of CO2 emissions.

Our task was to rehabilitate and convert a five store building. Sensys technology introduced in the new plant focused on threes distinctive areas:

Safe and High Quality Energy Supply System

We provided the modular POWER+ UPS for the Data Center and TV Technical Central critical equipments, as well as for other critical areas of the building.

Racks Supply and Installation

And all infrastructures associated with the Data Center and the TV Technical Central, including automatic fire detection and extinction systems.

Cooling System for the Data Center

And the TV Technical Central, with the installation of an integrated cold water production system and IN-ROW cooling units.

Scalable modular UPS present a high power factor (0,99) and its management ensures its functioning in ideal conditions, no matter the charge level. On the other hand, the CLOSING solution (CUBO system) installed in the TV Technical Central made it possible to optimize the cooling of the equipments and ensure energetic gains up to 30%, when compared to a traditional solution.