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Headquartered in Portugal, Sensys started its activity with the purpose of supplying energy systems and integrated technological solutions for Data Center, as well as Global Services, in order to optimize equipment life-cycle value.

The engagement of its professionals leverages the development of engineering projects that allow us to create our own solutions. Thanks to this autonomy and to an extensive experience in the implementation of these solutions, Sensys is capable of attending to individual requests with high efficiency, trust and availability.

Side by side with its growth and an increase in the number of customers, Sensys develops and improves its technical competences.

Success in the Portuguese market leads to an expansion into the Spanish market, in its very first year of activity, followed by new opportunities in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

The offices in Angola open during the second year of activity of the company, the moment in which its first Data Center project for a telecommunications company was concluded.

Sensys places itself in the front line in this market sector, with the modular UPS, the prime product of the Sensys’ portfolio. Modular topology and architecture are methods aimed at reducing costs and offering users redundancy and flexibility in the setting up and use of the system.

The accumulated experience allows Sensys to assure racks and cooling systems integrated solutions, especially designed to be used in Information and Communication Technologies applications. The company became thus specialized in offering turnkey projects created for Data Center environments, among which we would like to underline the challenge put to us by a television network, for which Sensys assembled all the IT rooms.

Sensys is nowadays one of the leading companies to offer a complete and unique portfolio with electrical and electronic equipment, Data Center solutions and services, including consultancy, planning, design, engineering, implementation, maintenance and operation, as well as monitoring services that integrate advanced technologies and a solid experience.

With an extensive experience in more than 200 sites at world level and a highly qualified and motivated professional team, Sensys is already one of the best companies in this sector.