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Sensys is a technological company strongly committed with a sustainable development and the respect for the environment and local economies.
Business sustainability plays an important role in our decision procedures, in order to maintain the company’s economical, social and environmental balance, thus creating an added value for the shareholders, collaborators, customers, suppliers and the society in general.

In this sense, Sensys tries to provide its customers with efficient energy solutions that allow cost reduction and may contribute for the minimization of CO2 emissions in our atmosphere.

With modular typology UPSs from Sensys we can keep trace of the customers’ business growth, without wasting energy. The modularity and flexibility of its solutions enables the reuse of the equipments, without additional costs for customers and the environment.

That is why it is essential for Sensys to create the conditions that promote that kind of compromise between its principles and those of its suppliers, making it possible, this way, to establish long lasting partnerships in which both benefit, and which may have a positive impact on the society and the environment. Thus, it is a critical prerequisite that the suppliers be certified and that they comply with the standards in force, in what concerns ethics and social responsibility.

With the introduction of a ‘green policy’, in which energetic solutions are innovative, simple and efficient, Sensys tries to give its contribution for a greener and more humane global economy, capable of respecting the values of the societies in which it is integrated, and for the improvement of the living conditions of every individual.

These are the essential elements of its mission.